Too Much Drama is Stupid

Our lives are not movies, our lives are not made for crying, our lives are not made to solve problems every day of our lives.

Our lives were made for us to enjoy life, to enjoy the world that we are in.

Our lives are made for us to be the stewards of this world, to promote happiness, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and a smooth sailing ride towards the journey of life.

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This is what life should be, because we should be happy. I know that there are times when problems come our way, and that these times makes us troublesome. Well, these times do happen to us and are just normal, and that we should know that there is a point or time in our lives  where the occurrence of these are higher than usual.

But what if it already happens to you throughout a long expanse of time.

You can try to remember your life before all of these drama had happened. You are happy, you have no problems, you have no responsibilities, but now what happens mostly is that you just keep on worrying about literally everything, and when I say everything, it is everything.

You deteriorate, your body does not anymore function well, your psychology becomes very extreme and wild, and you just keep on crying and whining about all those sentimental stuff about relationships that does not work, despite the fact that you keep on working it out and trying it our one more time, but despite all  of these hard efforts, still it is unsuccessful.

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Striving for Happiness

We need to be happy, because this is what we need in our lives.

We ought to be positive and optimistic  and we should remove the negative things in our lives because this only makes us sick, this makes us to not enjoy life, this makes us as pessimists.

There are times in our lives when we feel the need and the urge to become productive persons, we strive for it, we work hard for it, we reach the point where we are already successful in our lives and we have already saved lots of money, and because of  this, we can consider ourselves  as successful and happy in that context.

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But to some degree and out of nowhere, bad things and circumstances happen and there are things that do not make us see the amount of accomplishment and success that  we have, because it clouds us, and despite the fact that we are already happy and we already have everything, still it seems that it is not enough, and you are not happy.

Maybe that this is because of the persons or the people that surrounds you, or maybe it is  just because of yourself. Whichever the reason may be, think about it, and try to ask yourself, am I really like  this? Am I really a sad person? Or am I really a happy person?

Don’t let it get the best of you. So take a breather (the owner of advised me to do so as I booked a town car limo for dinner night on a vacation with family). Whatever the source of happiness in your life (mine being my family and loved ones), invest on it!

Go do the things that you love, get that vacation you deserve, take that degree you’ve always wanted to pursue, start a small business or foundation, conquer your fears and jump off that airplane for a skydive! Fill up your bucket list of things you want to do in this lifetime.

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Make Your Life Happy

I know that every one of us just wants to be happy and to have a joyful life.

Although it cannot be avoided, no one wants to have a life of hardships, of problems, of drama, of sentiments, of troubles – or whatever that may be.

What someone wants is to have a happy life, to enjoy life, to have an easy life, to see the rewards of your hard work, to have a smooth sailing life.

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I know that there are problems along the way, and I  do believe that we should accept these problems as a normal occurrence in life because these problems are what makes us better persons. But what if these problems are already non stop and despite the fact that you are already so fortunate and lucky to have all of your possessions and be successful in your job and  work, still these problems keeps on piling up. Then this just shows to you that there is something wrong with you, or perhaps there is something wrong with the things or perhaps the people which surround  you.

We are not made to cry all the time. We are not made to whine all the time. We are not made to argue and fight all the time. We are not made to deal with problems all the time. We are not made to live full of troubles, full of problems, full of worries, because that is not a life.

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Looking at the Bright Side

When you look at the bright side, you can’t help yourself but just see the amount of experiences that you have come to, only to find out that  there are good things waiting for the other side.

It may be that you have had already too much, it may be in your work, in your love life, your relationship, your family, with yourself, or whatever that may be.

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I know that there are hard times, that there are worrisome times, I know that there are all those times whatever you call it, but I just wanted to point out that  there are greater things that await you, there are things that waits for you on the other side, that makes you want to move on in life, and think otherwise.

Look at the bright side, because if you keep on looking the dark side, the problems, the troubles,  the worries, what happens is that you are just wasting valuable moments of your life. You are just wasting time, because you are not in this world to dwell mostly on the negative things, but instead you are in this life to be happy.

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Putting those Worries Aside

We dot need to always worry, because we are not made for this. We are made to be happy, to enjoy life, and to dwell on the lighter things in life.

Put all of those worries  aside, because those  worries would only cause your downfall, wherein instead of progressing through life, what will happen to you is that you will regress in life. You will waste your energy, your time, and all of those things once you always dwell on your worries.

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You are more than this, you are more than a person who tries to always solve the problems. There is an option, a way out, and that is you can either leave your problems there and surrender. But you have to be extra careful on this, because you need to be very sure with this.

I know that it is normal to have problems, I know that we must try to solve our problems. But what if our problems are just always going to us, and our problems is caused by all of the misunderstandings, wherein despite in the most unlikeliest of times, still problems and worries still do happen.

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Too Much is Too Much

Too much is too much.

There are times in our lives when things happen, and this crazy, chaotic, troubles things happen to us.

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You may want to change it because obviously everyone wants to be happy with their lives, everyone wants to be happy with what they have, to be worry free, to enjoy life. No one wants to be sad, no one wants to have all the drama and all of the sentimental nonsense in this world, because these are stupidity at its finest.

We are not made to whine about everything, to cry every day or perhaps every other day, go mad on each other, do passionate stuff and cry and whine, procrastinate, shout, then burst with tears of joy, then talk about all those sentimental who knows what.

That is a crazy life, that is a stupid life, that is pure nonsense.

No one wants to live in a life like that. Do you?

What I am pointing out here is that there are times in our lives when we have had already too much, where the level of that too much already exceeds the boundaries of this world, of this universe, because no matter how many times you have given them the chances, no matter how many time you have given them the opportunities to make it up to you, to transform for the good, still there is nothing that happens.

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The Damage Has been Dealt

There are times in our lives when we can say that shit happens.

Yes, shit happens because sometimes, we stumble on the wrong path, and we cannot control ourselves because of the amount of craziness, the amount of stress, of pressure, as well as the level of irrationality that things happen to us.

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I do believe that these are mostly caused by people, and that when these are caused by people, it is then very hard to handle these situations. It is very hard to handle these because you are handling a living organism, with its own mind, its own hear, its own self, which makes the handling process very difficult, especially when that person is insanely and gravely difficult to handle.

What I can say about this is when something happens, there is a result, there is a consequence, because space and time is interrelated and interconnected with each other. There are times  that we can say and see the results of one’s actions, and that these results are sometimes not that pleasing.

Well, no one can reverse space, no one can reverse, time, because time flows forward and goes forward, and it moves forward. You can never undo the things that have happened in the past, because it has already happened.

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When You Have Had Too Much

There are times when the troubles and the  worries that we have in our  lives  is already too much.

There are times when it is already taking a toll on us, wherein we think that our world is already slowly crumbling and deteriorating because of that one  thing or one person that makes our life miserable instead of making  it wonderful.

There are times when these things happen.

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When these happen to our lives,  we sometimes  think that we have had already too much and that we cannot  take it anymore, because no matter how many times we have given them the opportunity to go on and continue the journey with them, still, it ends up in chaos, it ends up in disaster, until the time comes that you are already physically disabled, as well as being emotionally and mentally fed up with all of the unnecessary troubles that that something or that someone may have caused you.

What I would like to say is that this is truly a pain in the ass, and that you just can’t help your self but burst out in misery and cry because you just can’t stand thinking about the stupidity that these things still happen to you. You can’t help but just think of the troubles, the worries, until you can no longer breathe because of the amount of pressure and stress that clogs up your heart, as well  as your lungs.

My friend, you are not alone in this journey, because we all get to experience it, and we all get a shot at these sort of stupid things. Time will only tell as to how much we can still tolerate these troubles and worries caused by something or someone.

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