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March 2016

Striving for Happiness

We need to be happy, because this is what we need in our lives.

We ought to be positive and optimistic  and we should remove the negative things in our lives because this only makes us sick, this makes us to not enjoy life, this makes us as pessimists.

There are times in our lives when we feel the need and the urge to become productive persons, we strive for it, we work hard for it, we reach the point where we are already successful in our lives and we have already saved lots of money, and because of  this, we can consider ourselves  as successful and happy in that context.

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But to some degree and out of nowhere, bad things and circumstances happen and there are things that do not make us see the amount of accomplishment and success that  we have, because it clouds us, and despite the fact that we are already happy and we already have everything, still it seems that it is not enough, and you are not happy.

Maybe that this is because of the persons or the people that surrounds you, or maybe it is  just because of yourself. Whichever the reason may be, think about it, and try to ask yourself, am I really like  this? Am I really a sad person? Or am I really a happy person?

Don’t let it get the best of you. So take a breather (the owner of advised me to do so as I booked a town car limo for dinner night on a vacation with family). Whatever the source of happiness in your life (mine being my family and loved ones), invest on it!

Go do the things that you love, get that vacation you deserve, take that degree you’ve always wanted to pursue, start a small business or foundation, conquer your fears and jump off that airplane for a skydive! Fill up your bucket list of things you want to do in this lifetime.

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Make Your Life Happy

I know that every one of us just wants to be happy and to have a joyful life.

Although it cannot be avoided, no one wants to have a life of hardships, of problems, of drama, of sentiments, of troubles – or whatever that may be.

What someone wants is to have a happy life, to enjoy life, to have an easy life, to see the rewards of your hard work, to have a smooth sailing life.

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I know that there are problems along the way, and I  do believe that we should accept these problems as a normal occurrence in life because these problems are what makes us better persons. But what if these problems are already non stop and despite the fact that you are already so fortunate and lucky to have all of your possessions and be successful in your job and  work, still these problems keeps on piling up. Then this just shows to you that there is something wrong with you, or perhaps there is something wrong with the things or perhaps the people which surround  you.

We are not made to cry all the time. We are not made to whine all the time. We are not made to argue and fight all the time. We are not made to deal with problems all the time. We are not made to live full of troubles, full of problems, full of worries, because that is not a life.

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