Looking at the Bright Side

When you look at the bright side, you can’t help yourself but just see the amount of experiences that you have come to, only to find out that  there are good things waiting for the other side.

It may be that you have had already too much, it may be in your work, in your love life, your relationship, your family, with yourself, or whatever that may be.

happiness photo

I know that there are hard times, that there are worrisome times, I know that there are all those times whatever you call it, but I just wanted to point out that  there are greater things that await you, there are things that waits for you on the other side, that makes you want to move on in life, and think otherwise.

Look at the bright side, because if you keep on looking the dark side, the problems, the troubles,  the worries, what happens is that you are just wasting valuable moments of your life. You are just wasting time, because you are not in this world to dwell mostly on the negative things, but instead you are in this life to be happy.

You are not in this world to cry in a consistent basis. You are not made to cry, well you could cry, but consistent crying is a sign that there is something wrong with you, there is something wrong with your life, there is something wrong with the person that is with you, if this is the trend of your life.

If you keep on crying, worrying, having trouble, having problems, keeps on fighting, and no matter how hard you try to solve all of your problems and worries, it still ends up becoming useless because  what happens is that you keep on sticking  on the things or the people that give all of your headaches, heartaches  or whatever ache that may be.

Do not look on them, but instead look at the positive side. If they are not the positive side or if they do mostly negative things to you, then it is a reminder  that you should not dwell on them, that you should not look onto them, but look the other way.

Maybe leaving it their is the key or the solution to your problems, but think twice. Or something think thrice. But if it keeps on recurring back  to you in a million times, and you thought for it in a million times, then I think that you should learn to leave it there, and be happy where you are.

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