Make Your Life Happy

I know that every one of us just wants to be happy and to have a joyful life.

Although it cannot be avoided, no one wants to have a life of hardships, of problems, of drama, of sentiments, of troubles – or whatever that may be.

What someone wants is to have a happy life, to enjoy life, to have an easy life, to see the rewards of your hard work, to have a smooth sailing life.

happy photo

I know that there are problems along the way, and I  do believe that we should accept these problems as a normal occurrence in life because these problems are what makes us better persons. But what if these problems are already non stop and despite the fact that you are already so fortunate and lucky to have all of your possessions and be successful in your job and  work, still these problems keeps on piling up. Then this just shows to you that there is something wrong with you, or perhaps there is something wrong with the things or perhaps the people which surround  you.

We are not made to cry all the time. We are not made to whine all the time. We are not made to argue and fight all the time. We are not made to deal with problems all the time. We are not made to live full of troubles, full of problems, full of worries, because that is not a life.

Some may say that these are necessary for you to grow, because these problems makes you mature. But what if it is already happening to you always? Does it still make you a better person? Will it make you a more mature individual? Do you think that it still contributes to your self growth? You are stupid if you think that this is true, because it does not work like this.

If this is the case then what these continuous drama, these continuous fights, recurring issues, problems, worries, and troubles, then it just causes your regress. It deteriorates your inner self, it lowers your self-esteem, and it wastes both your time and energy.

So do not dwell on these things.  If  someone or something makes you to have an unhappy life, then maybe it is time to leave them because it just keeps happening that way. One should know when to cut ties or burn bridges. Some may say that you are a quitter, some may say that you are the one who just surrenders easily and quits easily, and is not capable of keeping their promises, but you are not. You are not. Do not blame yourself, because you did what you need to do.

Be happy with what you already have, enjoy life, do not complicate it. It is too short to have problems and worries for every time you breathe.

Learn to love yourself too, and live a happy and meaningful life.


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