The Damage Has been Dealt

There are times in our lives when we can say that shit happens.

Yes, shit happens because sometimes, we stumble on the wrong path, and we cannot control ourselves because of the amount of craziness, the amount of stress, of pressure, as well as the level of irrationality that things happen to us.

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I do believe that these are mostly caused by people, and that when these are caused by people, it is then very hard to handle these situations. It is very hard to handle these because you are handling a living organism, with its own mind, its own hear, its own self, which makes the handling process very difficult, especially when that person is insanely and gravely difficult to handle.

What I can say about this is when something happens, there is a result, there is a consequence, because space and time is interrelated and interconnected with each other. There are times  that we can say and see the results of one’s actions, and that these results are sometimes not that pleasing.

Well, no one can reverse space, no one can reverse, time, because time flows forward and goes forward, and it moves forward. You can never undo the things that have happened in the past, because it has already happened.

If you are hurt now, then you are hurt, and you cannot do anything about it. If shit happened on you, then shit really happened on you, and you cannot do something about that. Well, literally you can do something, but what I am trying to point out here is that you can never make it not happen at all, because it already happened. You already experienced it.

This then shows to us that if it had already happened, then there is a result to it. And that the person who made that happen or did the things that resulted to that thing which is happening now should pay the price for it, he or she should pay the price for it, because it is because of them. They are the ones who initiated the shit to happen. They are the ones who enabled the shit to commence, and to make its way  to you. That is what happens because of what they have done.

The damage has been dealt, and if you have already too much of this damage, what happens is that you would  think to go away, to drift further, and leave that thing or that person where he or she is, and stop it , once and for all.

I think that that is the remedy to it, I hope it is, or I hope it is not.

Whatever the solution is, shit really does happen.

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