Too Much Drama is Stupid

Our lives are not movies, our lives are not made for crying, our lives are not made to solve problems every day of our lives.

Our lives were made for us to enjoy life, to enjoy the world that we are in.

Our lives are made for us to be the stewards of this world, to promote happiness, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and a smooth sailing ride towards the journey of life.

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This is what life should be, because we should be happy. I know that there are times when problems come our way, and that these times makes us troublesome. Well, these times do happen to us and are just normal, and that we should know that there is a point or time in our lives  where the occurrence of these are higher than usual.

But what if it already happens to you throughout a long expanse of time.

You can try to remember your life before all of these drama had happened. You are happy, you have no problems, you have no responsibilities, but now what happens mostly is that you just keep on worrying about literally everything, and when I say everything, it is everything.

You deteriorate, your body does not anymore function well, your psychology becomes very extreme and wild, and you just keep on crying and whining about all those sentimental stuff about relationships that does not work, despite the fact that you keep on working it out and trying it our one more time, but despite all  of these hard efforts, still it is unsuccessful.

You still end up fighting each other in a more graver and more recurring period, and that you are already hurting each other, you are already becoming a twisted person, and that is because of all of the drama that you are experiencing with something or with someone. That is because drama makes life sentimental, and a sentimental life is a life that is unnecessary, a life that is full of the nonsense unnecessary things in life.

Frequent drama may be for the immature, more of it is for the people who wanted to make their lives easier but couldn’t, but too much of it is for the twisted people.

We are not here to make a fool out of ourselves and to  just cry all the time, fight all the time, have problems all the time, worry all the time. We are here to enjoy life because life is a blessing, life is a very vital thing that we should be happy of that we should be proud of.

Drama is normal, but too much of it is stupid. When you fall from all or any of the troubles in your life, just stand back up!

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