Too Much is Too Much

Too much is too much.

There are times in our lives when things happen, and this crazy, chaotic, troubles things happen to us.

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You may want to change it because obviously everyone wants to be happy with their lives, everyone wants to be happy with what they have, to be worry free, to enjoy life. No one wants to be sad, no one wants to have all the drama and all of the sentimental nonsense in this world, because these are stupidity at its finest.

We are not made to whine about everything, to cry every day or perhaps every other day, go mad on each other, do passionate stuff and cry and whine, procrastinate, shout, then burst with tears of joy, then talk about all those sentimental who knows what.

That is a crazy life, that is a stupid life, that is pure nonsense.

No one wants to live in a life like that. Do you?

What I am pointing out here is that there are times in our lives when we have had already too much, where the level of that too much already exceeds the boundaries of this world, of this universe, because no matter how many times you have given them the chances, no matter how many time you have given them the opportunities to make it up to you, to transform for the good, still there is nothing that happens.

Well there may be things that happen  such as changing and transforming big time, then it stumbles down into a very little change, until the whole cycle of cries, of arguments, of madness, of sentimental who knows what, does recur again, and then you give them another change, another opportunity, but to no avail.

It just happen and happens and happens until you are already doing it over and over again, and experiencing it over and over again,  until the time comes when you yourself cannot handle it, and your body gives up, your body surrenders because of the amount of pressure of stress, which was should be considered us unnecessary, but it still happened. It still happened because of that thing or that person that caused your downfall.

Though there may be times that you can think of your happy times with each other, there may be times that you can say that it is already not right, that it is already wrong, because the chaos, the troubles, the worries just keeps on recurring, and the worst thing is is that it gets graver and graver and graver and stronger until your mind blows up.

Just do not let this happen to you.

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