When You Have Had Too Much

There are times when the troubles and the  worries that we have in our  lives  is already too much.

There are times when it is already taking a toll on us, wherein we think that our world is already slowly crumbling and deteriorating because of that one  thing or one person that makes our life miserable instead of making  it wonderful.

There are times when these things happen.

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When these happen to our lives,  we sometimes  think that we have had already too much and that we cannot  take it anymore, because no matter how many times we have given them the opportunity to go on and continue the journey with them, still, it ends up in chaos, it ends up in disaster, until the time comes that you are already physically disabled, as well as being emotionally and mentally fed up with all of the unnecessary troubles that that something or that someone may have caused you.

What I would like to say is that this is truly a pain in the ass, and that you just can’t help your self but burst out in misery and cry because you just can’t stand thinking about the stupidity that these things still happen to you. You can’t help but just think of the troubles, the worries, until you can no longer breathe because of the amount of pressure and stress that clogs up your heart, as well  as your lungs.

My friend, you are not alone in this journey, because we all get to experience it, and we all get a shot at these sort of stupid things. Time will only tell as to how much we can still tolerate these troubles and worries caused by something or someone.

If this happens to you, and if it is really already too damn too much, then I think that it is time to leave, it is time to set your emotions free, and despite how difficult it is, you need to let those stressant drift further from you, because you have already given them the opportunity to change, to transform, but despite all of the chances and opportunities that you have given them, still  they cannot truly make it up even if it is just too damn and insanely easy. Why can’t they?

Maybe it is already their true nature, their true personality, their true selves. No one knows, but only they knows.

Try to set them free, let time take care of itself and yourself, and see how it goes.

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